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Sound Bath Healing is an amazing way to start a coaching session or end a session as it helps you stay in that feel good space. I also offer this as a booster for during the day meditation. If you're at work and needing to clear some space this is a great way to do so.

Channeled Readings are a way to get clarity on a situation.  

Coaching is the building of a connection between coach and client that creates  the space for vulnerability, growth and  your own sacred awareness. What comes from that is not only an "ah ha" moment but the momentum to start the process of propelling yourself forward. The type of coaching  that I work from and towards is truly authentic.

Things About Me

Since childhood I have been extremely intuitive, sensitive and empathic to life. I have lived from the West coast to the  East coast answering that calling that beckons to me. 

There have been times it has been so loud that it takes everything I have not to run from it but embrace  it and run with it . 

I  went on a deep soul calling that had been calling to me for about five years. It surely wasn't easy to go on. It will wake you up in the middle of the night and not allow you to go back to sleep.

I do believe in past lives and I believe in reincarnation. 

In this life I have been guided to meet past life romantic relationships and  

was truly give a gift in that I had an experience where I met and cared for a child that I had had in a past life.

About Dana


Transformational Coaching /Channeled Readings

Ten years ago I went through a Coaching program. The founder who is David Rock and his style of programs are neuroscience based. 

  It's so true that how we think gets us as far as we are able to go. 

Thats why thinking big is a great thing! 

My type of Coaching is Personal to each and every Individual  that shows up . 

When  an Individual is ready to Invest  into an area of their life that's been whispering to them.  My sole purpose as their coach is to support that unfolding and vulnerability to allow this sacred  process to happen for them.

Whether it's finding  your true purpose and standing in that powerful space, or desiring love in your life, or reconnecting with their own self  that is what is so important for me as a coach. 

To be there guiding their thread that leads them to their next level in life.

I do offer Group Coaching that supports what most women are looking for Connection between like minded women. These group sessions are related to a specific area that is being needed among women. 

Channeled Reading is truly a gift . Since child hood I've had visions and prophetic Dreams of people and places. And yes through time and space all in one way or another have shown up.


My Style

When  starting a Reading I start with a prayer and close with a prayer. When getting a channeled reading the information is coming through me. When I use cards it just an extra bonus. 


What To Expect

24 hrs cancellation 

If paying through the site I use pay pal . I also accept Venmo please contact me for that. 

All Readings are paid for In advance. 

when booking Coaching I ask that at  least two sessions to be paid for in Advance this also Guarantees your set time that you select.

All sessions are done Via Phone.


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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.


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